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It’s important to us that your project is being pitched by the ‘best people’, talking directly to the ‘right people’ across all media outlets. Australia is a large country with diverse needs and specific cultures creating a unique and localised landscape on some levels, and strong national identity on others. Your PR therefore needs to be diverse, have localised focus in all key markets, both regional and metro in each state, whilst having the ability to inform and affect national media outlets. S.B.M. has been developed to cover all those needs, large or small, state based or national. We work with the best and most experienced team of reps in each state ensuring your message is being delivered to the right people in an appropriate fashion.

Each client is provided a personal login password to our S.B.M client portal. This allows your team to input all the appropriate information that will empower us to deliver the optimum result and define key media targets specific to your campaign. It’ll give you an immediate insight on who and where you campaign has been targeted, monitor media coverage; ensure uniformity across all markets with key assets such as press releases, photos, tour dates and ticketing information etc.

For any national enquires please send an e-mail to:

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